Our Story

Founded by Kanza Naheed, Mahrukh Isa and Saba Magsi, 3 is a footwear company that will answer to all your shoe requirements for comfort and style at a reasonable price.
There was once a world where the element goddesses of nature roamed around freely. The three goddesses were in control of Air, Fire and Water yet Earth was a barren creature inhabited by man. Mankind realized that until and unless they had the blessings of these benevolent goddesses, earth could never flourish. But how could man ever manage to make them come down to earth without having their feet touch the ground? 

Man was a smart creature and realized that in order to allow them to reign over the world he needed to create something that would please the female goddesses and keep them coming back for more. Thus “3 footwear” was formed to honor the nature goddesses and allow them to rejuvenate life on earth with their splendor and elegance without stepping on each other’s toes. 

Finally this amazing and heavenly footwear has reached our universe travelling through galaxies of time. Now you have the unique opportunity to grab the spoils of elegance and beauty. Adorn your feet with 3 footwear so you can know what it feels like to be a goddess!