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3 Footwear – A Corporate Success

December 2017

Launched midway through June by three dynamic ladies that make up this team of corporate success, 3 Footwear is a brand exclusively for those who have a love of shoes. From comfortable flip-flops to funky sandals, they’ve got it all. Our correspondent had the privilege of taking an exclusive interview with one of the pillars holding this brand up, Kanza Naheed.

Stride your Luxury – An interview with 3 Footwear

December 2011

The three entrepreneurs, in their last year of undergraduate in 2011, launched 3 Footwear, aiming to tap into the growing market for high-end women’s shoes. Backed by an investment of just Rs100,000, Kanza Naheed, Mahrukh Isa and Saba Magsi ventured into a business segment dominated by their male counterparts, proving that women can successfully break the status quo and make a contribution to the country’s economy.

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